Corporate and Institutional Accounts

CVC Brokerage Limited is committed to delivering top-notch brokerage services, supported by state-of-the-art offerings. Our dedicated corporate team provides professional services to our valued clients.

CVCBL Full DP Service:

CVC Brokerage Limited offers comprehensive depository participant services through the CDBL (Central Depository Bangladesh Limited). These services include:

  • Opening and maintaining BO (Beneficiary Owner) accounts.
  • Dematerialization, which involves converting physical certificates into electronic form.
  • Rematerialization, which allows account holders to convert electronic instruments into physical certificates upon request.
  • Transfer of securities between different accounts.
  • Transmission of securities in case of inheritance or legal transfer.
  • Pledging of securities as collateral.
  • Unpledging of previously pledged securities.
  • Change of ownership for securities.

Fund Transfer Options for Investor: EFT/BFTN/RTGS/CHEQUE

CVC Brokerage Limited offers efficient and convenient fund transfer options for investors, ensuring speedy transactions. These options include:

  • BEFTN: Bangladesh Electronic Fund Transfer Network.
  • EFTN: Electronic Fund Transfer Network.
  • RTGS: Real Time Gross Settlement.
  • Cheque: Manual payment by cheque.